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WTWO will air the Pledge of Allegiance from local elementary schools from across the Wabash Valley. Each weekday it will air on WTWO Today and Good Day Live and will be archived here.

2-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Ms. MattinglyK
3-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Ms. RaderK
4-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. DeadyK
5-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Ms. CondonK
6-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Ms. JonesK
9-MarWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. SnyderK
10-MarWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. ClarkK
11-MarWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mr. JobeK
12-MarWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. SandschaferK
13-MarWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. RobinsonK
16-MarDeVaney Elementary SchoolMrs. Peterson1st
17-Mar DeVaney Elementary SchoolMrs. Leinenbach5th
18-MarDeVaney Elementary SchoolMrs. HallsK
19-Mar DeVaney Elementary SchoolMrs. Campbell2nd
20-MarDeVaney Elementary SchoolMrs. Bukovack4th
23-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mr. Warren1st
24-Mar Dixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Fendrick1st
25-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Chalos1st
26-Mar Dixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Myers1st
27-MarDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Hendrix1st
30-MarWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Stewart1st
31-Mar Washington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Smith1st
1-AprWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Kiger1st
2-Apr Washington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Corn1st
3-AprWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Parkhurst1st
6-AprDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mr. Moss2nd
7-Apr Dixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Thornton2nd
8-AprDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Chaney2nd
9-Apr Dixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Wheaton2nd
10-AprDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Sluder2nd
13-AprWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Pinnell2nd
14-Apr Washington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Sutfin2nd
15-AprWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Mosbey2nd
16-Apr Washington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Schaefer2nd
17-AprWashington Elementary (Robinson)Mrs. Rynke2nd
20-AprDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Ms. Cornelison3rd
21-Apr Dixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Cox3rd
22-AprDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Ms. Meares3rd
23-Apr Dixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Lammey3rd
24-AprDixie Bee (Terre Haute)Mrs. Noble3rd

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